The book Intention


Author: Luis Alfredo Villalba Ruiz

09 julio 2013 – visitas 32278

We going to Direct our gaze to remove infertile and peaceful thoughts that stopped boiling point and fertility of human creation, and knowing the omnipresent company of the meanness. It’s the option attack man’s social failure and dedicated more time for reflection and dialogue to bring about concerted action to remedy the institutional paralysis and converts the concerted effort in a wind so strong that it is capable of carrying the air dust and the ashes of the fastenings who dare to contain the ideals of wellness and prosperity coveted.

Knowing that fanaticism has led man from lurch at lurch between the pursuit of collective and individualistic action which has become a bad endemic, it’s rather to complement individual virtue, which is able to contribute to the welfare of society and incorporate it and make it part of the corporate concert. That is, moving from isolated manner and with little commitment with develops the valuation processes, to other higher standard overflow parameters.

The valuation processes are an open door to the effective participation of all cooperators in the implementation of a proposal. To implement, we will see how the effort spent is reflected in indicators of welfare and development. It’s important to familiarize each generation with the success, enjoy their win, are aware of what has been achieved and that the environment of prosperity is constantly renewed. Always knowing that reflection time spent together to improve the environment is so insufficient that must be quality and educated, to deal with that moment of calm and lucidity of lucid contribution to human greatness, or instantly of effervescence, a symptom of fatigue own evolving society, or moment of indifference and apathy, that being the symptom of a death announced it not want to intruder.

A good way to start reading the book is to confront its contents with the following questions:

How does one articulate the daily duties with a commitment to go beyond my time or my generation, help change and transform the inequality to equality (equal opportunity available), the exclusion to inclusion (being part of the decision making) or disintegration to integration (being part of the time in the world)?

How to develop best local and global capabilities for a best control of business, industrial and institutional, but instead make them part of a more sustainable order?

Can the state to actively intervene to secure legitimately concerted development models, from the territorial units (municipalities), and also give more value to community as new proposed redistribution?
I do not pretend to answer such doubts, even if put in urgent agenda, if not dedicate this effort to future generations, to whom the future belongs.